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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Carolina Logistic drivers! We want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. There is always, always to be thankful for and today we want to express how grateful we are to have dedicated, hard-working and reliable drivers. We understand that many of you won't have a privilege to enjoy their Thanksgiving in the circle of […]

Dash cam maker says this driver-facing video may have saved driver’s job

Video shared by SmartDrive, a company that provides “video-based safety programs”, features an oil hauler named Alex, who managed to avoid crashing into a car that drifted into his lane of traffic by driving off onto the shoulder. SmartDrive praised Alex’s two second reaction to avoid the collision and to steer his truck back onto […]

Trump adminstation announces surprise plan for stricter truck emissions

The new program comes courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is being called the “Cleaner Trucks Initiative”. The EPA says that the new initiative is the just first step in rewriting current rules on nitrogen oxide, or “NOx,” emissions from semi trucks. The announcement comes as California lawmakers are pushing for tougher […]
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