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Lease Purchase Truck

Whether you desire to either purchase or lease a truck, Carolina Logistic can help. We pride ourselves knowing that we offer safe, reliable, and exceptionally maintained trucks and trailers to up and coming, or existing, owner operators. With an extremely affordable selection of like new quality trucks to choose from, we are certain we can meet your equipment needs. All trucks are maintained extensively from all points and angles through.

  • Daily inspections by current drivers
  • Inspections every 5,000 miles by qualified technicians and mechanics
  • Full services and inspections done every 20,000 miles

To ensure they stay running perfect we keep maintenance and service records on every truck that will be made available to you during the selection process. We strive to express the desirability we have in assisting you in taking the next steps to ensure a better future for both you and your family.

Toll free: (800) 718-4052